What can SHIFT do for you?

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What can SHIFT do for you?

Postby RobertBell » March 4th, 2014, 2:57 pm

Hold down SHIFT ...
  • +Arrow : NEXT PREV (While in SELECT)
  • +Arrow : NEXT PREV (While in CONTROL LIBRARY)
  • +Pin : Pin xFade time
  • +Bump Momentary : Bump Toggle
  • +Bump Toggle : Momentary
  • +Bump Radio on down radio button : Bump Radio Up
  • +GO : Assert cue
  • +Pause : Release Playlist
  • +ABCD : Default attribute value, followed by Lower then Upper limit if applicable
  • +Hints : Close Hints
  • +Rec : Update
  • +Shift (two shifts) : Return to previous screen
  • +Wheel : Fine attribute movement (While in CONTROL WHEELS)
  • +Col/Pos/Shape : Move backwards through Wheel Banks (in CONTROL WHEELS)
  • +Wheel : Top/Bottom of Playlist (While in PLAY L.Playback or R.Playback)
  • +Up/Down button (to right of cues in Playlist) : Top/Bottom of Playlist
  • +Wheel : 0.1s (When editing times)
  • +Drag of Memory or Cue (In PLAY) : Copy (vs. Move)
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