Neato update and Spot/Play preview

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Neato update and Spot/Play preview

Postby munger » July 31st, 2017, 11:48 am

The app store is starting to note that Neato needs to be updated for iOS compatibility.
Is an update in the works?

The basic Neato app says it cannot contact the app store despite the iPad it is on having no issue doing so itself.
I also cannot access the Spot and Play previews that I believe should be available but I assume this is due to having neither one available as in app purchases.

Is anyone else having these issues?
We are getting a demo Cognito in mid August and I would love to be able to experiment with the full console/app pair.

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Re: Neato update and Spot/Play preview

Postby RobertBell » July 31st, 2017, 7:26 pm

Due to continued changes to the iOS, we no longer are developing neato. neato could never control every part of a moving light and also had the drawback of not being able to record or update looks. To replace neato, we have added a VNC server to the Cognito OS. That means you can now use a VNC Client like "Chicken" or "Mocha" or "Tiger" to view and control the entire user interface (SELECT, CONTROL, RECORD, PLAY) from any PC, phone or tablet. See this document for VNC compatibility per device type.
Robert Bell
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