PM5.1.3 and Mac OS 10.8 issue

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PM5.1.3 and Mac OS 10.8 issue

Postby RobertArmstrong » May 15th, 2013, 12:27 pm

We have determined that an Apple security update - OS X 10.8.3, JVM 1.6.0_45 - has broken certain multi-cast techniques used by some software products, including Pathport Manager.

As a result, on start up, Pathport Manager fails to connect the network interface card (NIC). Obviously, without access to the NIC, PM5 cannot discover any nodes.

A BETA build, which contains a fix for this problem, is available here: ...

Although we're not aware of any problems with build, this is not an official release, and any problems should be reported to support at pathwayconnect dot com.


Robert Armstrong
Manager - Technical Sales and Product Support

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