Jan 27 2017 Cognito 2 and Choreo Software Release

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Jan 27 2017 Cognito 2 and Choreo Software Release

Postby RobertBell » January 23rd, 2017, 7:21 pm

January 23, 2017: Pathway is pleased to announce the release of new software for the Cognito2 console and Choreo Architainment controller. This release supports Choreo NSB (Network Sliders and Buttons).
Please download it here.

New Features
  • CogPC OLE, when seeing any Pathport gateway on the network will allow the OLE to work in STARTER mode. i.e., output one universe of Pathport protocol but not get to show control features such as timecode or PLAY SCHEDULES. This means if you own a Pathport Gateway, you have a 512 PC based console - no dongle.
  • Non-Pathway gateways can receive eDMX from CogPC in DEMO mode. Press Power, then ENABLE OUTPUTS. Note that every so often the DMX will produce white noise - This is only appropriate to use with visualization where real DMX cannot damage motors, mains or sets.
  • Rooms (see on-line help for further details)
    • Rooms tab in Setup allows you to add Rooms to a show file. Adding a Room adds a Space. Rooms can be in any Space, but only one Space at a time.
    • Rooms property in SELETC|SETTINGS|PROPERTIES allows you to put Lights in a Room.
    • Spaces may reference a Memory Page. That means when you play back a Memory on that page, it will filter playback to only Lights that are presently in that Space. (Remember, Lights are in Room, Rooms are in Spaces. You can have multiple Rooms sharing one Space.)
  • In SELECT, you may Filter (coffee filter) so that you only see lights that are in the same Space as you.
  • Choreo NSB (see on-line help for further details)
    • Use the “Choreo NSB” tab in Setup to discover and edit Network Sliders and Buttons.
    • Each NSB station can be be in a Room and take on the behaviour of the Space the Room is in. (i.e., Playback will be filtered by Space as described above.)
    • Alternatively, an NSB station can be associated directly with a Memory Page.
    • While in SETUP|CHOREO NSB, hold down the SHIFT key and press a Room or a Space to mute all the associated NSB stations. Note, while In Wall Station Mode, there is no need to hold down Shift - just press the Room’s or Spaces to mute the stations in that space.
  • Show File Management changes (see on-line help for further details)
    • While a show is open, Import components from other shows
      • Playlists
      • Individual Cues
      • Memory Pages
      • Individual Memories
      • Light Settings (light type, patch, gel color, Room assignment)
      • Choreo NSB setup
      • Rooms/Spaces
    • Save Show as Template allows you to save a partially patched show with desired Memories or Cue and use that to base new shows on. You’ll be asked for a new show name when you create as show based on the template.
    • Save show to other Cogntio/Choreo on the network. After Save, the remote device will automatically load the show.
    • Upload a show using a web browser on your PC to a Cognito/Choreo by typing in the controller’s IP address in the URL. After the upload completes, the remote device will automatically load the show.
    • Use a browser on the network to download (grab) show files from connected Cognitos/Choreos.
    • Use a browser on the network to upload (push) new software to Cognitos/Choreos. (i.e., no more sneaker net)
    • Use a browser on the network to read the on-line manual as published on the Cognito/Choreo. It’s much easier to read on a bigger screen and when you’re simultaneously working on the console.
  • Copy Memory Page by pressing PLAY|MEMORIES|MORE… then touching COPY. Select the page you want to copy and a (Copy) of it will be made.
  • Italian language for the user interface and hints is now an option in SETUP|SYSTEM.
  • Use VNC for remote access to the Choreo touch screen and Cognito’s full (virtual) hardware. We have tested VNC with ‘Chicken’ for OSX, ‘Tiger’ for Windows and ‘Mocha’ for mobile devices.

  • After s/w update, reboot happens without user intervention.
  • OLE can now edit PLAY SCHEDULE.
  • Added #fades to logging and other logging cleanup of starting and stopping effects.
  • In SELECT|SETTINGS|PROPERTIES the NEXT and PREV buttons are always available (no need to press shift).

Bug Fixes
  • In NSB setup, Mute Station mutes the last edited station now mutes the currently selected station.
  • Corrupt File fix: make show file read more tolerant of unknown gzip data bytes after files are resaved, especially when show file shrinks in size.
  • Dongle authorization for CognitoPC for Windows.
  • CogPC right click on DMX icon in status bar allows you to choose which NIC the sACN is going out.
  • Copy of Memory copies effect.
  • Bump Off Action did not bump off toggled Memories.
  • Memory leak on effects on Memories.
  • After brown-out, Memory Bump condition is restored - not just a Memory slider level of 100%.
  • Can't remove independent time and make use CUE TIME.
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