November 5 2013 RELEASE

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November 5 2013 RELEASE

Postby RobertBell » November 7th, 2013, 6:35 pm

We are happy to announce that after a successful beta cycle, we are releasing a new build of Cognito and Cognito PC software. Thank you to all the beta testers that have been working with us since our last release in May of this year. There are many new features highlighted in the notes below as well as a whole section on tweaks and fixes. Enjoy.

Get the November 5 software HERE.

Release Notes (Nov 5)

  • Added the ability to edit memories and cues in Blind. Press the BLIND icon when desired item is highlighted in PLAY task.
  • Added "Record Changes Only" setting on page 2 of SETUP SYSTEM. Useful when using more than one Playlist at a time.
  • Cue Actions added on last page of Cue Properties in the PLAY task. (see notes on Cue Actions below.)
  • Console can be locked in Wall Station Mode. Setup a 2, 4, 8 or 20-button version or single Playlist version. Set the WALL STATION mode in SETUP and press the padlock icon.
  • (i) Info Screen added for selected lights in the SELECT task. (see Info Screen notes below)
  • effects do not die automatically with GO of next cue. Record new static values to lights and effects will die automatically. (see notes on Cognito Cue Actions below too to kill all effects)
  • cue label in Playlist shows which cues have effects (magic wand) and cue actions (gear)
  • CrashReporter is shown if software ever exits unexpectedly allowing you to either upload or copy logs to USB stick
  • Number of lights in show now part of SETUP | SYSTEM (vs. SELECT | SETTINGS)
  • SELECT | SETTINGS has PROPERTIES (vs. GLOBALS) where you can edit the label of a light and add a static color from the color library. These properties are shown in the SELECT task.
  • The Pin button is Red when sliders run intensities (the default mode of operation) but is blue when SETUP | SYSTEM is set to ?Sliders always run memories?

Nov 5 tweaks
  • changes to backwards busking - if you don't push a memory up all the way, when you pulled out subsequently asserted memories, the affect of the original memory was lost. Now the full affect of each memory is used whether or not the slider reaches full.
  • new, faster communications with neato. neato now betaing SEE (SEE is a live display similar to SELECT in Cognito)
  • recording a group only grabs the selected lights allowing you to have many changes active but still selectively build a group
  • SHIFT + GO asserts current cue in Playlist (regain control from other advancing Playlists or Memories)
  • fixed level match on hardware sliders when banking within a Memory Page and when changing Memory Pages ensuring there is no sudden moves on stage
  • SELECT | RECENT includes recently released, but not changed selection sets
  • wrong cues (i.e., earlier in Playlist) no longer appear in UPDATE (SHIFT REC) dialog
  • Yellow wheel is now labeled "Color Space" vs. "cl space"
  • SETUP | SOFTWARE shows Cognito product (i.e. Starter 512, Pro 512, Pro 1024)
  • issues with deleting a Playlist resolved
  • 10-Key during edit of properties works even if you don't use wheels to change values
  • better reporting to Pathport Manager
  • ABCD buttons are accelerators into UPDATE Cue dialog box
  • MSC Goto Cue 0 is sent when a Playlist is Released
  • Airplane view more readable
  • NEXT and PREV light buttons have new icons (see these by holding down SHIFT in SELECT)
  • Record and Edit button flash patterns and colors make more sense during different operations
  • "Down" bump buttons flash blue
  • Wheel backlights refreshed more often so they make sense in different tools and in Setup
  • spurious repeated Wheel Banks no longer appearing twice
  • can record to New Memory Pages (bug fix)
  • Hints updated

Cue Actions

When you edit the properties of a cue, the last page (after Shape Fade and Shape Delay) is Cue Action. Cue actions can be one of

  • Playlist
    • GOTO Cue
    • Pause Playlist
    • GO on Playlist
    • Release All Playlists
  • Memory
    • Bump Down Memory
    • Bump Up Memory
    • Release All Memories
  • Cognito
    • Power Off
    • Send MIDI string
    • Lockout all neato connections
    • Release all Locks
    • Release all Lights
    • Memory Blackout (on/off)
    • Dead Blackout (on/off)
    • Stop All Effects

Info Screen

When no lights are selected in SELECT, pressing (i) shows the DMX patch in each cell. If lights are selected, pressing (i) shows a tabbed display showing various bits of information about your show and lights.

A scrollable grid giving information on each light selected (one at a time). The large [+ Light] and [- Light] buttons change which light is shown within the selection set. The smaller left and right arrows above the Airplane icons show you more attributes of the chosen light if they don?t all fit on one page. This grid is live so you can watch it while you run your show. Each attribute of a light will appear in a separate column whereas each row of the grid shows different information on those attributes. The rows are:

  1. Light number, Light Label, Manufacturer, Model and DMX patch
  2. Attribute column headers (i.e., Intensity, Pan, etc)
  3. Source (i.e., Playlist or Memory or Control task)
  4. Source Item (Cue label or Memory label)
  5. Library, only if the Source Item is playing back a recorded Library reference
  6. Value is the pure attribute level going out
  7. Effect label if the attribute is under the control of an effect
  8. The total number of Recorded Cues this attribute has been recorded into. This shows how busy a light is
  9. Same for Recorded Memories
  10. The Recorded Libraries number is always --- for Intensity attributes because Cognito does not record Intensity Libraries
  11. Only lights? Intensity attributes columns show the total number of recorded Groups
  12. The last row shows if a light or attribute has a tech lock (TL) or desk lock (DL) on it and what value it is locked at

Info Screen - SHOW
This tab displays summary information about your current show file:
  • Total number of Playlists
  • Total number of cues recorded
  • Total number of Memory pages
  • Total number of recorded Memories
Info Screen - LOCKS
  • # of Desk Locks
  • # of Tech Locks from neato
  • # of Outputs locked from neato
Info Screen - MEDIA
  • # of previous versions of this show file saved you can revert to
  • # of other show files on the fixed media
  • # of sound files stored on the desk
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