Cognito 2 and Choreo July 13 2016 software release

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Cognito 2 and Choreo July 13 2016 software release

Postby RobertBell » July 17th, 2016, 12:59 pm

Good day all.

Please note there is a new release of Cognito2 and Choreo software dated July 13.
Available here

New Features

  • Independent Cue Timing – For each attribute family in CONTROL you will see a TIME control. If you set a DELAY or FADE, the selected lights will use that time versus Cue Time. When you update the Cue, you will see a small clock in the cue bubble showing that the cue has lights with independant times. You can remove the independant time in the TIME control by pressing the CUE TIME button and updating the cue. When the SELECT screen is showing 10 lights and you run a cue with independant time, you will see the times in each light’s cell. With multiple lights selected, you can choose to FAN TIME where you set a Start Delay, End Delay, Start Fade and End Fade time. Light selection order is preserved.
  • Screen Saver timeout, Screen Saver text & Screen Saver password is found in SETUP | SYSTEM | DISPLAY
  • In SETUP | SYSTEM | GENERAL you can choose a language for the user interface. (Only US English is available at this time - but we’re working on French and Italian)


  • Some attributes for media servers or attributes like special timing parameters now fade in Cue time.
  • Disabled Outputs now shuts off DMX ports (vs. hold last level)
  • SETUP | SOFTWARE | COPY LOGS TO USB now includes the Click-To-Send feature on the USB drive.
  • Cog2 only - Ability to disabled external display in SETUP | SYSTEM | DISPLAY. If you don’t have a monitor attached, turn off the display to free up system resources.

Bug Fixes
  • Initialize Playbacks to first Playlists for PLAY and RECORD
  • Using time entry dialog changes system clock after using SET TIME (would result in Outputs being disabled)
Robert Bell
Director of Product Innovation - Pathway Connectivity

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