May 8 2013 Software Release (including FXs)

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May 8 2013 Software Release (including FXs)

Postby RobertBell » May 9th, 2013, 10:59 pm

We are very excited to release new Cognito software. Please find it here

May 8 Release Notes
  • Effects - Found on right of toolbar for each of CONTROL Intensity, Color, Position and Shape
  • Memories with attributes do automatic Move In Black when they can
  • Shift + Rec is Update : Presents a list of changed Cues, Trackback Cues, Memories and Libraries
  • Shift changes paging buttons in SELECT and CONTROL to NEXT and PREV light
  • Shift + ABCD button when using CONTROL WHEELS takes attributes to defaults and extents
  • Shift + Pin allows you to change the Pin Fade Time
  • Red Captured button (above Filter in SELECT) works as Release Button
  • Captured button (above Filter in SELECT) shows Light number as #X when only one light selected. Still shows total number of lights (less the #) when more than one selected
  • neato can see and set Libraries
  • SETUP SYSTEM allows you to make Sliders always be Memories (vs. Light Intensities)
  • GM and MM handle levels read on boot (used to be forced to 100% regardless of position)
  • Wheels scroll Playlist in PLAY. Shift and Wheel tick takes you to top or bottom of list
  • Touch and drag in Playlist scrolls view
  • Pushing a mismatched Slider down to the bottom in SELECT will not capture a light at 0%
  • CONTROL ADVANCED buttons now show the state of Pan/Tilt invert etc.
  • DMX Address screen shows 513 (1)
  • Bump Time of 0s is truly now zero seconds (it used to take two DMX frames before to reach 100% which caused some LED lights to appear to stutter)
  • Show File selector shows age of files in list
  • E1.31 works on Net3 nodes
  • SELECT task bar changed order (now Standard, Groups, Recent and Settings)
  • in PLAY MIXED mode you can change the Memory page by pressing the Memory Page button in the toolbar
  • CogPC SETUP screen does not show items specific to Cognito Console
  • Enumerated attributes (like Gobos and Control Reset) did not play back correctly on Memories
  • Color Libraries now show the color of the first light recorded into it
  • Using a Library on a Pinned light no longer updates live to stage
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